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Sana – Who we are

We understand the present difficulty with cross-border transfers and we exist to change the narrative. Sana is a product with a vision to simplify the process of inter-border transfer, making it easier and cheaper for anyone to afford.

Our platform allows anyone in Canada to send money to 70+ countries around the world in their respective local or international currencies. Sana currently facilitates money transfers for people and businesses, facilitating global eCommerce by making cross-border payment possible from Canada to any continent in the world.

Remittance made easy, for all!

Sana is transforming the global remittance landscape by making it possible for immigrants, citizens, and businesses to seamlessly send money globally from Canada at an affordable rate. This improves the lives of immigrants and their loved ones, removes the shackles of expensive and difficult payments for businesses, and gives more flexibility to our clients regarding banking.

We are only at the beginning of a journey to change the narrative. We are just getting started!

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