Mobile Money

Send Mobile Money Globally In an Instant

Our mobile money service allows you to send money directly to the mobile phone of the recipient. It is an electronic wallet service that creates a perfect alternative to bank accounts and is available for both basic features mobile phones and smartphones.

How it works

  1. Create a Sana account Create a Sana account by signing up with your email address.

  2. Initiate a transfer Select the send money option from your wallet or dashboard and choose the mobile money delivery method.

  3. Supply recipient information Provide the necessary recipient information and cross-check for any errors!

  4. Review & Send The money arrives in the recipient’s mobile wallet instantly.

Send money with a different delivery method If mobile money is not available in the country you want to send to, there are other ways to send with Sana, including: Bank Transfer (include hyperlink to the service page) Send money through secure bank transfers to hundreds of banks across 70+ countries globally. Cash Pickup (include hyperlink to the service page) Cash pickup option is available for recipients to collect cash within minutes from any of our approved locations across the globe.