Cash Pick Up

No Bank Account? No Worries. Send money 24/7 to any of our 100+ cash pick-up agents globally. Recipients can pick up money transferred from our agents without needing to open a bank account.

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We have you covered even in the most remote areas Sana cash pickup option allows you to send money internationally to anyone without a bank account. Once sent, the beneficiary can then go to an agent location with a valid photo ID and the transfer reference number to receive their cash.


  • What is the difference between bank deposit and cash pickup? Cash pickup involves money being retrieved by the recipient from a physical location while bank deposit is the electronic transfer of money to the recipient’s bank account.

  • How does Sana Cash Pickup Work? We have a large web of global partners with 100+ pickup locations. Opt for a cash pickup transfer by selecting the cash pickup option as your preferred delivery method on your send money dashboard. Note that not all receiving countries support the cash pickup option.

  • Send money with a different delivery method

    If cash pickup is not available in the country you want to send to, there are other ways to send with Sana, including: Bank Transfer (include hyperlink to the service page) Send money through secure bank transfers to hundreds of banks across 70+ countries globally. Mobile money (include hyperlink to the service page) Send money directly to the mobile phone of your recipient in minutes.